Bringing together leading scholars from history and philosophy of technology, media studies, and cultural studies of technology, the re:compute symposium is a one-day event at the University of Notre Dame that seeks to investigate the different political positions on computational media technologies across disciplines. Our goal is to foster discussion along the thread of re:computation, imagining computationalities (conceptual, metaphorical, technical) beyond the economic and historical confines presented to us by Silicon Valley.
If re-computation is not only possible but also necessary, then what and how can we recompute our computational world? Where goes the cultural study of computation today?
Free registration required for in-person participation and/or virtual attendance.

media technologies and alternate futures




1050 Jenkins Nanovic Hall,
University of Notre Dame
and online.

10:00 am    Opening Remarks
Elliott Visconsi, Associate Provost and Chief Academic Digital Officer, Notre Dame

10:30 am    Tracking Computation
Alexander Galloway, Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication, NYU
Superlative Discorrelation

Markus Krajewski, Professor of Media Studies, Universität Basel
Branch, Diff, Merge. The Cultural History of Version Control Systems  

12:30 pm    Lunch

2:00 pm    Computational Pasts & Futures
Nathan Ensmenger,  Associate Professor of Informatics, IU Bloomington
Silicon Substrates: A Layered History of Computing

Patrick Jagoda, Professor of English and Cinema and Media Studies, UChicago
Speculative Design: From Problem Solving to the Problems of Scaling

4:00 pm    Closing Remarks
Ranjodh Singh Dhaliwal, Ruth and Paul Idzik Collegiate Chair of Digital Scholarship, Assistant Professor of English, and Film, Television, and Theatre, Notre Dame 

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